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Spa Bridge

Etching and Aquatint

207 x 330 mm

26 copies

Hahnemuhle etching 140Lbs Not



Spa bridge spans the ravine between St. Nicholas Street and the Spa. Built by a private company to capitalize on the frquent visitors to the Spa. The popularity of the bridge was so high that a charge was introduced for pedestrians to use it.

My image is taken from just below the bridge looking sea wards. The graceful arches of the underside are to me more preferable to the top view, which isn't bad, but the strong and sturdy pillars of stone that hold it all up are just as fascinating to me. My wife posed for the figure who is pointing, not at the geese who are flying overhead but something just out of view.

Price unframed £185.00

Alternative title:- 'Over there'