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Yew Court  ( The lost shoe)

Etching and Aquatint

216 x 252 mm

26 copies

Hahnemuhle etching 140Lbs Not


Yew Court is just round the corner from my workshop, the dome shaped building ( there are 2) are listed. The house is divided into a number of lfats and was once visited by Atkinson Grimshaw, who painted it three times, one of which hangs in Scarborough Art Gallery.

  Knowing this house so very well, ( only from the outside), it was once a large house, but was converted into a number of flats in 1952.

My picture needed something to engage the viewer, so my imagination took over and I imagined that when it was a large house there would have been parties. My image is after ( or perhaps during one of those parties). A young lady stands clutching a shoe ( spot colour of red on both shooes) two young men ( admirers?) are asisting in the search for the missing shoe, evidence of the party being the bottle perched upon the gate post. three swallows dart in the sky. The distinctive yew trees which are clipped imaculately every year stand behind the raised wall.

Price unframed £185.00

Alternative Title:  The Lost Shoe