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A limited edition book, 26 copies which represent the 26 letters of the Alphabet. An A to Z book of Scarborough, views that have caught my eye for one reason or another.

As well as the hand bound book which will contain all 26 images + frontispeace & notes, there will be an aditional edition of 26 copies of each image which can be individually framed.

Why an Alphabet, it's limiting otherwise the book could just ramble on, also it means I had to choose a limited number of pictures. Each individual page has printed onto the cover A is for, B is for, so that the viewer has an idea of what is coming. Open the page and the picture I've chosen to depict is revealed.

An Alphabet of Scarborough     Publication date May 2017       Edition of 26 bound copies

Plus each image sold seperately in an edition of 26 of which 25 will be for sale.

About the production of the book


The life and times of a Beverley Blue Pontiac Big 6 sedan

Published 1990   56 bound copies.  

1 remaing copy @ £850.00

Beggars Bridge

The building of Beggars Bridge at Glaisdale North Yorkshire in 1619

Published  1980    75 copies + 7 artist's proofs.  Sold out

The Scarborough Tragedy

Published 1974   75 copies sold out

Publication date May 2017

Price  £2950.00

Scalby, North Yorkshire

In preparation.

10 wood engravings about Scalby Village in North Yorkshire

The limited edition books which I choose to print do not follow any particular pattern, the subjects become an obsession or a fascination, and it's a good way to produce a series of images with text.

Since my major thesis at at Art College I have been fascinated and interested by William Morris and the Kelmscott Press, in particular the books which he designed and printed, from commisssioning his own watermarked paper to designing and casting his own font of text. The whole being a labour of love.

The books I print try to follow in the tradition of the 'private press' movement. I start with the image size, this dictates the paper size which in turn dictates the text page.  Once I have that firmly fixed in my head I can then work out how the book will be held together.  Small mock up bindings are produced with the required number of pages. I then proceed to a full scale mock up binding, choosing the type of stiching required to hold the book together,which in turn dictates the number of tapes in the spine.

The tail of a cat

Published 2013

A conversation between a cat and a human.

Lin0- prints & 1 etching

Published in an edition of just 30 copies.

Paper bound and hand stiched.

Price £100.00