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An Alphabet of Scarborough

A limited edition book, 26 copies which represent the 26 letters of the Alphabet. An A to Z book of Scarborough, views that have caught my eye for one reason or another.

As well as the hand bound book which will contain all 26 images + frontispeace & notes, there will be an aditional edition of 26 copies of each image which can be individually framed.



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Beach Huts

Engraving & lino blocks

200 x 300 mm

26 copies

Hahnemuhle etching 140Lbs Not

  The beach huts are a familiar sight on the both the North & South Bay here in Scarborough. All are for rent from the Council on either a daily, weekly or season rate. Brightly painted thay stand out and create lovely shadows as the sun plays upon them.

  I love seeing the various personalised huts often with posters, decorative curtains, some with sign especially made to personalise them. Portable and disposal  barbeques often with burgers and hot dogs can be smelt from several hundred yards away, deckchairs and foldable chairs, tables, lamps, all manner of things. Young and old there seems to be a microcosme of humanity who frequent them.

    In my picture the huts are all closed, the bright colours one after the next with two abandonned deckchiars poised to welcome the sun and visitors, dream of cups of tea and coffee and perhaps the odd ice cream.

Alternative Title:

'Gone for Ice Creams'

Price unframed £185.00

The image is printed in an edition of 26 of which 25 are for sale

Unframed image

1st proof of the engraving

Inky rollers, set up for the first printing
Inky rollers, set up for the first printing
1st set of colours 
5 in total
1st set of colours
5 in total
5 colours printed
5 colours printed
2nd printing
2nd printing

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