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An Alphabet of Scarborough

A limited edition book, 26 copies which represent the 26 letters of the Alphabet. An A to Z book of Scarborough, views that have caught my eye for one reason or another.

As well as the hand bound book which will contain all 26 images + frontispeace & notes, there will be an aditional edition of 26 copies of each image which can be individually framed.



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North Bay Railway

Etching and Aquatint

200 x 247 mm

26 copies

Hahnemuhle etching 140Lbs Not

  I've been passing this place for years and often would see some chap dressed in a blue boiler suit bent over some part of the train, tinkering away. The passing thought being 'those chaps must have the best job in Scarborough', oily rag, oil stained overalls and a passion for old machines.

The engine is Triton, made in 1932, loved the hsadows cast on the white weather board of the engine shed.

Men and sheds.

Price eunframed £185.00

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The image is printed in an edition of 26 of which 25 are for sale

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