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Etching & aquatint

160 x 160 mm

30 + 3 artist's proofs

Hannemuhle Etching Not surface 140Lbs


      One of the gallleries that stock my work was on the route of 'La Tour de France' 'Miss last is startled' became another print to celebrate cycling. The two racers have torn down the hill ( its practise time, unfortunatly Miss Last  was on the way to post a letter and caught unaware of the approaching duo and she was startled. The event would be talked about for months over tea and buns. Theres a shadow of a person in the gateway on the left who witnessed it all and will comfort Miss Last (the retired secretary) who has led a sheltered life for so many years.

The name Miss Last comes from the Nella Last daries of her experiences during the 2nd world war. A good read.

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