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Lino print

275 x 410 mm

50 + 5 artist's proofs

Hannemuhle etching 140Lbs Not.


      I once worked on 'caulking' a fishing boat in Scarborough Harbour, the drawing I did ( during tea break) ended up being this print. I like the image as the boat towers above one, with the bronze propellor strikingly eveident.  The fishing net was draped over the side of the boat.

Interesting job 'caulking', it means one scrapes out the past packing from between the planks, then with a contiuous roll of some sort of material ( not sure what it was) using a flat ended chisel one beats the material into the gap, hopefully making it water tight.  With planked fishing boats ( a lot are steel hulled these days) in rough weather with the boat crashing into waves the planks flex. Something I eventually learned when as payment  I was offered a trip, along with co workers, an experience of sailing from Scarborough to the Isle of Mull.

It took 11 days to get there and 7 hours to drive back.

Weathering a gale for 8 to 10 in the North Sea  near Banff is no fun, I have nothing but admiration for fishermen in these small boats. As the boat crested a wave it would descend with a loud crash into the trough at the bottom, the skipper explained that at that moment the planks are stressed and move, even open and he said ' I hope you caulked properly, otherwise we'll ship water'

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