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Campagne for Mahlo Hollywood

Hand coloured etching & aquatint

275 x 305 mm

25 + 2 artist's proofs

Saunders 140 Lbs Not

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   Mahlo Hollywood was an interesting figure in the village, she stood as councillor and drove an MGB roadster. The building at the rear is Wrea Head ( now a country hotel). Mahlo's husband's family built the building many years ago as a private house with substancial grounds,  at some point the family gave it or sold it to North Yorkshire Education department who set up some sort of teacher training unit.

After many years they decided to sell it, Mahlo didnt like the idea whatsoever and challenged the decision, even I believe going to court to fight.

Eventually she lost and the building was sold to the Walker family, who inturn sold it to English Rose Hotels, who went bust and it eventually was bought and modernised and now runs as a hotel ( again).

  She had an idea that by standing as a coucillor it would improve her case. After her death I created the picture, the MGB, the firms cat Baylan dashing across the drive, and the young mother with the red pushcahir. All part of the story.

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