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Etchings, lino prints and wood engravings
Art Gallery etching Scarborough
Beach Huts wood engraving by Michael Atkin
Cliff Lift Scarborough by Michael Atkin etching
Etching Dean Road Cemetery by Michael Atkin
Esplanade Gardens etching by Michael Atkin
Foreshore Foorball etching by Michael Atkin
Grand Hotel Scarborough etching by Michael Atkin
Harbour Bar Scarborough by Michael Atkin wood engraving
Italian Gardens Scarborough etching by Michael Atkin
The Jail at Scarborough etching
Scarborough Keep at Scarborough Castle by Michael Atkin
Scarborough ~Lighthouse etching by Michael Atkin
Scarborough North Bay Railway etching
Olivers mount Scarborough etching

A limited edition book, 26 copies which represent the 26 letters of the Alphabet. An A to Z book of Scarborough, views that have caught my eye for one reason or another.

As well as the hand bound book which will contain all 26 images + frontispeace & notes, there will be an aditional edition of 26 copies of each image which can be individually framed

An Alphabet of Scarborough

Marine Drive Scarborough etching by Michael Atkin

A is for Art Gallery

B is for Beach Huts

C is for Cliff Lift

D is for Dean Road Cemetaery

F is for Foreshore Football

E is for Esplanade Gardens

G is for Grand Hotel

Hi s for Harbour Bar

I is for Italain Gardens

The limited edition books which I choose to print do not follow any particular pattern, the subjects became an obsession or a fascination, and it's a good way to produce a series of images with text.

Since my major thesis at at Art College I have been fascinated and interested by William Morris and the Kelmscott Press, in particular the books which he designed and printed, from commisssioning his own watermarked paper to designing and casting his own font of text. The whole being a labour of love.

The books I print try to follow in the tradition of the 'private press' movement. I start with the image size, this dictates the paper size which in turn dictates the text page.  Once I have that firmly fixed in my head I can then work out how the book will be held together.  Small mock up bindings are produced with the required number of pages. I then proceed to a full scale mock up binding, choosing the type of stiching required to hold the book together,which in turn dictates the number of tapes in the spine

Scarborough Alphabet

J is for jail

K is for Keep

L is for Lighthouse

M is for Marine Drive

N is for North Bay Railway

Q is for Queeen Victoria's Satue

R is for Rotunda

O is for Olivers Mount

P is for Peasholm Park