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Other Images in the book

As well as the 26 images printed in individual pages there are other images, the introduction page features a linot priint of The Headland,

On the contents page there is 'North Bay, Scarborough'

On the technical detail page there are two wood engravings, one showing the book with a backdrop of Scarborough Headland, the other being 'South Bay, Scarborough'

Both North & South Bay wood engravings are printed on the inside of the solandar box as endpapers.

Contents page

Technical details page

'An Alphabet of Scarborough'

A limited edition book, 26 copies which represent the 26 letters of the Alphabet.

An A to Z book of Scarborough, views that have caught my eye for one reason or another.

As well as the hand bound book which will contain all 26 images + frontispeace & notes, there will be an aditional edition of 26 copies of each image which can be individually framed.

Below is a blub (bright green cover) booklet, free to read on their website about the making of the book. With a forward by Colin Simpson.

It describes the whole process from conception to completion, which took some three years in total.

There are only 5 copies left in the  edition.