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Bridge Lane

Wood engraving boxwood

127 x 95 mm

75 + 7 artist;'s proofs

Heritage woodfree 120Lbs


      This picture stared with the fence, especially the shadows cast. The bridge was obscured by undergrowth, so with a little bit of climbing and falling in the stream managed to get a good look at the bridge, fantastic bricks, so well laid.

This print went through 8 different stages before I was happy with the result. So thats 7 proofs, after each proof I would cut more from the block, then proof again.

Big mistake nearing the end of the print, a sheet of paper folded whilst inbetween the tympan and the frisket, I didn't notice until after I had taken the print, by which time the block was damaged. So had to re evaluate the print, which took another day, cutting and proofing until I had something I was happy with.

So today I've been looking ( whilst walking) at shadows more and more and tonght I've sketched out the next block.  

Bridge Lane