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Staithes from Cowbar

Wood engraving English Boxwood 120 x 121 mm

75 + 7 artist;'s proofs

Zerkall smooth  140 gsm


    The picturesque sea-side village of Staithes, famous for it's artists colony of  artists back at the start of the  19th Century. (*A list of some the members of this group below). The group disbanded as Members moved from the area,  some of the artists joined  The Fylingdales Group of Artists a new painting group started in 1925.I've always liked Staithes, it reminds me of childhood hoilidays running inbetween the houses playing hide and seek with local children.

The shape of the block being the outer edge pf the bracnch cut from a log of English boxwood felled in 1982 in the grounds of Harwood house in Leeds.