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The lambretta boys

Etching & aquatint 300 x 300 mm

30 + 3 artist's proofs

Hannemuhle Etching Not surface 140Lbs


   This print originated after aconversation with the son in law of a

gallery owner who had complained thatmotorcycles were predominant in

pictures and why didn't artists ever depict scooters. Being a past scooter

rider (my first form of transport), I acknowledged his disappointment. A

recent sketch needed an element to complete the composition, two advance

riders with another couple further backdown the road. It reminded me of the

breakdowns I encountered as a lambretta Innocenti rider, three punctures

on one ride.(Not impressed).1st to go was the rear wheel, changed

the wheel for the spare, managed to finda garage open on a Sunday and duly

had it fixed. Set off again, 3 miles furtherhe front tyre punctured, changed the

wheel, then 4 miles from home the backwheel gave up altogether.